The power of a great team comes down to the collaboration between a diverse set of people, skills, and personalities. With our clients, our collaborators, and each other, we always work in partnership.


People make Co‑Partnership

Collaboration is at the heart of our agency. It creates a culture, that hand in hand with talent forms our high-performing team. 

We believe every project benefits from our collective expertise. And because we trust one another and hold ourselves to account, we encourage positive debate to always challenge our thinking against the brief. 

As an independent agency, we place great value on the working relationships we build within our studio, with our clients, and suppliers. Our founders and senior members lead and oversee all work to maintain quality throughout the lifespan of a project. 

Our knowledge and passion for drinks shapes who we are. We’re spirited specialists and that means our curiosity is never quenched. We’re wired to continually educate ourselves through tailored tastings, distillery, winery and brewery tours, and cultural outings. Even the bottle we open on a Friday matters. We believe the deeper our collective understanding of how drinks are made and how people enjoy them, informs stronger creative decisions.


We believe great things in business are rarely achieved by one person alone. They are achieved by teams of great people.


Raised between the wineries of South Australia and the competitive spirit of London, Max and Zoe’s partnership is sharpened by decades of international drinks branding and packaging experience. After working together in London, in 2011 they established Co‑Partnership.


Zoe Green

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

Throughout her career as a branding and packaging designer, Zoe has worked with some of the industry’s most inspiring brand creatives, such as Mary Lewis of Lewis Moberly and Harry Pearce of Pentagram.

Shaped by her London upbringing, Zoe is driven to bring brands a pulse, coaching her team to always seek richer, relevant ideas that build brand equity and inspire memorable design solutions.

Always one to challenge a category, she understands you have to know the rules to break them.



Max Harkness

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Max’s passion for drinks and design began from an early age. Son of renowned wine branding designer, Barbara Harkness, whose most notable brand creation [Yellow Tail] needs no introduction, he is a natural creative. Thanks to these behind-the-scenes experiences of the South Australian wine industry and a family-owned drinks specialist agency, he has uniquely seasoned insight. 

Alongside his design education, Max has significant experience in technical print production and managing large FMCG brand design projects in Sydney and London agencies.

At Co‑Partnership, he leads creative thinking across all project disciplines, through a drinks knowledge lens, ensuring ideas are relevant to brief, and realistic to produce. Ultimately driven by a competitive desire to push creativity that delivers category-changing design that consumers love.

Our values


A high-performance team requires individual accountability to own their part in the process. We encourage everyone to have a leadership mentality to shape a dynamic culture driven by high standards.



Being open-minded and curious means we’re always learning. We encourage feedback to constantly improve and evolve. The more we learn, the more expert we become. We stay informed on changing drinking behaviours, design trends, and cultural and consumer shifts.



Quality is a non-negotiable. We strive for rigour in our thinking, craft in the details, and accuracy of output. Always delivered with a high standard of professionalism and care.



Our belief in teamwork transcends beyond the agency, to how we work with our clients. Collaboration brings a crucial exchange of ideas and feedback. On one side, our clients hold every informative detail about their brand and product—so we listen and question, to learn. On the other, we are drinks branding experts, engaged as consultants to build successful brands and return on investment. We encourage thoughtful debate and collectively seek the most robust solutions.



We’re big believers in knowing the rules, to break the rules. This is where innovation begins. We’re moved by cultural change and cross-pollination in categories because that inspires possibilities. We constantly ask ourselves: can this be better? What’s beyond the category conventions? Think like a founder. Act like an entrepreneur.



We believe work should be a joy—not a means to a weekend. Enjoyable, positive interactions count. Building on your strengths brings purpose. Being in charge of your impact and development is fulfilling. Supporting the people around you as they do the same—rewarding. We celebrate the wins, big and small.


We’re a team of specialists driven by a passion for all things drinks. We want to create category-changing design and enjoy the process as we go.

Zoe Green

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

Max Harkness

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Brittany Primmer

Agency Director

Nicole Corrigan

Operations Director

Alana McMillan

Group Account Director

Eleanor Kilmartin

Strategy Director

Seb Sciacca

Associate Creative Director

Steve Hawkes

Production Director

Emma Fitzgerald

Senior Account Manager

Shelly Connolly

Senior Account Director

Katherine Hall

Account Manager

Dani Wales


Samuel Byrnes

Design Director

Nick Cross

Senior Designer

Jess Lowe

Senior Designer

Anthony Mattock

Artwork Manager

Dylan Larisch-Morgan

Artwork Manager

Ed Graves

Design Realisation Artist

Brooklyn Churchin

Mid-Weight Designer


HR Assistant