Experience the bartender’s serve
beyond the bar 

A Tanqueray gin & tonic is a timeless classic served in the world’s finest bars. But beyond the bar, how can we enjoy the ultimate G&T? 

We were briefed to package a perfectly mixed G&T experience, one that not only preserves the heritage and authenticity of Tanqueray but raises the bottle and the bar for premium premixes. 

Introducing Tanqueray & Tonic. Inspired by the bartenders’ perfect serve, now the ultimate G&T can be savoured in your very own home. 

To uphold Tanqueray’s reputation for quality and stand apart from the pitfalls of the premix world, we designed a custom glass bottle that could still run down a fast-paced bottling line. The new design is a striking balance between the fresh and familiar. It borrows just enough form and flair from the iconic cocktail shaker bottle of the full-strength spirit, while still communicating that this is an RTD—albeit like no other. 

The lighter green glass communicates a premix rather than a miniature full strength. And whilst the slimmed bottle format is a nod to the RTD world, its stature is strengthened with the crown seal, an embossed ‘Charles Tanqueray & Co’ on the shoulder and a monogram mark on the bottle’s base.

In tandem with a short neck, we designed this ‘pry off’ crown-seal closure to invite the gin-drinker to enjoy the decantering ritual of the full bar experience at home. To visually introduce this idea, we added a detailed illustration of a ‘Copa de Balon’ glass to the front label—the offical glassware of gin & tonic connoisseurs. Bursting with ice and lime, it’s finished with the founder’s signature to amplify expertise and authenticity.

In amongst Tanqueray’s famous brand assets, we toast the bartenders’ perfect serve. Confident, succinct brand language elevates this RTD with lines such as ‘The definitive gin & tonic’, ‘Expertly blended’ and ‘The world’s most prestigious gin, blended with our signature tonic.’ 


The definitive Gin & Tonic
expertly blended

“Tanqueray & Tonic has enjoyed exceptional success contributing to overall growth within the premix category and the Tanqueray brand becoming the highest-selling spirit brand in Australia at the end of 2018.”
Tracey Maynard-Davis, Innovation Manager, Diageo Australia