Repositioning an American favourite

Robert Mondavi is known as a pioneer of Californian wine and was a driving force behind the premiumisation of the Napa region, helping it to become the internationally recognised powerhouse of luxury that it is today. Despite his luxury wine pedigree, Mondavi had an ambition to democratise wine and created Woodbridge, an entry level wine brand to welcome all Americans to the category.

In leveraging the trust and credibility of the Mondavi name, Woodbridge grew to become one of the highest selling American wine brands by volume. But the brand saw a new opportunity to drive contemporary appeal by establishing Woodbridge as an independent brand with its own story.

Our brief was to transform Woodbridge from an entry-level wine brand trading on the Robert Mondavi name to a brand standing on its own two feet. A total alcohol beverage brand spanning multiple new categories and occasions. A brand that would entice new consumers without leaving behind the existing fan base.

We repositioned Woodbridge as a brand that empowers consumers to enjoy wine on their own terms. The new ‘W’ identity creates an own-able mark more distinctive than the generic ‘seal’ icon of the previous design. Doubling as a window device, this identity invites consumers to enjoy ‘Wine Your Way.’

With the idea ‘Wine Your Way’, we repositioned Woodbridge as a brand that empowers consumers to enjoy wine on their own terms

On pack, the new ‘W’ brand mark builds flexibility into the design system, uniting a diverse range of wine products from traditional table wines to flavour-forward RTDs, while also revealing what’s unique about each product. And off pack, it frames lifestyle storytelling and everyday occasions without rules—wine from a mug, with ice, why not?

In a Brand Book we captured this dynamic identity system along with design principles and TOV to empower the Woodbridge brand team not just with a new set of assets but also a guide to activate them.

As Woodbridge enters a new era, we’ve redefined the brand beyond the Robert Mondavi name. By grounding it in the lifestyles of its audience, we’ve helped Woodbridge build a meaningful story relevant to its consumers and their modern drinking occasions.

“Redesigning Woodbridge is no small task and one that required careful consideration when selecting our agency partner. 
Co–Partnership came out on top after a rigorous pitch process. They’ve elevated the brand to have a broader modern appeal, without losing the trusted recognition of the previous label.”
Senior Brand Manager, Woodbridge