X marks the spot for this renegade collaboration.

The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWC), a leading force in luxury wine, was built on a disregard for convention. Over the years, its darkly provocative packaging and bold winemaking style has built a cult following of loyal fans.

To defy convention once again and drive excitement among loyal consumers, TPWC joined forces with fellow ‘outlaw’ brand High West Whiskey to release a collectable direct-to-consumer limited-edition wine. Aged in whiskey barrels, this audacious red blend has an exceptional depth of flavour. The perfect counterpoint to the twin release of a High West whiskey aged in Prisoner red blend barrels.

TPWC briefed us to bring to life this unexpected union of two iconic brands. Our creative concept, Bound by Dissent, captures the story of two rule breakers coming together to create a wine that pushes the boundaries.

We chose the name Complicit for this partnership, symbolised by a cross of metallic and wood substrates to represent their secret agreement and the essence of each brand. A wax dip closure seals the deal and secures a metal pendant stamped with their individual brand icons, a sign of kindred spirits forging their own path.

What you don’t see is as powerful as what you do see. A secret message printed on the inside of the back label emerges as you drink to reveal the agreement behind this illicit partnership. Designed to look like a makeshift note with fold marks imprinted on the paper and a handwritten script, it tells the story of a fugitive’s accord. 

The back label continues this story of a shady deal done in the secret. Black high build gloss type on black paper stock keeps the mood dark and mysterious.

Complicit has been a highly sought-after collaboration. After a packaging promo shot dropped on the website, tickets for the launch event sold out in three hours. Upon release, Complicit sold half of its annual inventory in the first 30 days and has remained the #1 wine at The Prisoner Wine Company’s tasting room (surpassing the much loved flagship Prisoner Red Blend).

Upon release, Complicit sold half of its annual inventory in the first 30 days and it has remained the #1 wine at The Prisoner Wine Company tasting room.