That Southern Highlands Spirit. Bottled.

There’s no denying, SoHi is rather special. And it knows it. From its bespoke bottle to its signature spirits, Garden Envy Gin and Potato Crisp Vodka, this luxury Southern Highlands brand has a playful, otherworldly glamour. 

We were briefed to Open the Gates of Fab and bring SoHi Spirits to the world, one decadent detail at a time.

The peacock, the most extravagant of birds at the Highlands estates, perfectly encapsulates the ‘Fancy AF’ brand personality: flamboyant, attention-seeking and always putting on a show. The icon also represents the spirit still which here balances the exuberance and expertise of the brand. 

The peacock’s stunning electric blue and turquoise plumage inspired the brand’s core activation colour palette. And lively secondary accents, such as citrus, lavender, and forest green, were picked from the gardens and produce of the vibrant region.

The picturesque Southern Highlands of New South Wales is Australia’s answer to weekending in The Hamptons: where socialites live their best lives.

A luxury spirits brand then, should both entice the ‘Sydney set’ and already belong to the elegant frivolity of that world. In short, it needed to be iconic from inception.

“We knew an exceptional bottle was key to our success, and
Co-Partnership were the key to an exceptional bottle. They expertly mixed strategy, production, and their renowned creative genius at every step. And true to their name, it felt like a real partnership.” Alex Doughty, Founder

The bottle shape itself was inspired by the lavish world of champagne and its generous silhouettes, the clarity and cut of perfume bottles and the opulent architectural flourishes found in the estates of the Southern Highlands region. 

For head-to-toe impact, the glass is coloured at the neck and base, like an iridescent gown, to let each spirit’s unique personality and flavour profile shine. Garden Envy Gin is dressed in luminous green, and of course, the Potato Crisp Vodka dons gold.

Total class in a glass

To pour the outrageous elegance of SoHi into its broader world, we developed a photographic direction that was equal parts playful and posh. This lush luxury is a lesson in living your best life.

Lift your spirits.
Sip your best life.

Language played a pivotal role in having fun with SoHi’s ‘hoity-toity’ personality. As much as the brand is aspirational and darling, its voice brings clever depth with an unexpected but knowing charm.

Reminiscent of the grand architecture of the Southern Highlands, we created an archway device to frame the identity across print and digital touch points. As a functional asset and elegant entrance, it provides a consistent and cohesive window for product and lifestyle photography, always inviting the viewer to peer into the world of SoHi. Or perhaps escape to it altogether.

“We’re delighted with the result. Fancy AF! Thanks for your attention to detail, eye for quality, and responsiveness.”
Greg Logan, Founder