Introducing a fresh new face
to the traditional world of sparkling wine

We’re enjoying sparkling wine more than ever. And with that, there’s significant growth in affordable, quality drops. Sparkling drinkers now have plenty of choice and ultimately, we reach for the timely brands that resonate with us.

This presented an opportunity: create a new-to-world brand for a consumer who wants authentic experiences and meaningful connections. 

Inspired by women such as Mona Lisa and Frida Kahlo, who changed the world through soft power, we created our heroine, Meralan. MERA, meaning admirable, wonderful, prosperous in Hebrew. And ÉLAN, from French for energy, style, and enthusiasm. Together, this name is the distilled essence of The Elegant Rebel.

Meralan’s calm yet resolute face radiates strength and gentleness. Her neutral features can be applied to multiple ethnicities, which makes her an icon of inclusivity. Her eyes look directly at us, provoking a response and calling us to action. 

A symbol of feminine strength and beauty:

The Elegant Rebel

Flower crowns were originally worn by women gathering in ceremonies and spring festivals. This was a safe place for women to flourish, be themselves, and celebrate their individuality. The statement crowns became a symbol of and for the female community. 

Over time, as the world has changed, the flower crown’s gentle and inclusive meaning has a different kind of power—a true rebellion in a hard world.

Floral motifs stand for elegance and sophistication, strength, passion, and admiration.

As we built the brand's foundations, the timeless, impactful and protest themes from the artist Obey (AKA Shepard Fairey) came to mind. A partnership followed. We worked with Fairey’s design agency Studio No. 1 to illustrate the portrait of Meralan in his signature style. 

Through a mixture of mediums, the pack design strikes a bold, classic and contemporary balance. The main label, built in art deco style, is printed on brushed metal stock with embossed details for an elevated, accentuated presence.

For all its power, desire and love, it seemed only right that red should be our primary brand colour. What’s more, the red rose, a universal symbol of feminine strength and passion, has the noble title of the Queen of Flowers. 

Flower motifs across the brand were carefully chosen for what they represent. Purple roses, for example, symbolise elegance and sophistication, whereas red carnations signify admiration. 

Obey’s timeless, impactful protest themes inspired a considered collaboration with his agency, Studio Number One.

Inspired by Obey’s strong stencilled style, we employed stencil art to bring an assertive, rebellious expression to the packaging, which also helped shape the off-pack brand behaviour. 

Introducing a silver colour palette brought an ownable colorway that sets Meralan apart from the competition. Against the accent of red, it’s an energising fresh clash. 

The result is an attitudinal wine brand that uses traditional wine cues to both reassure and rebel against. Never a wallflower, Meralan manages to stand apart from the crowd and invite you over to join her at the same time. 

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Art influencing the process.” Zoe Green, Executive Creative Director