A lively pick

from the Jacob’s Creek bunch

Jacob’s Creek is an Australian wine brand for the people. A brand that continues to progress wine styles that fit with the Australian climate and lifestyle.

Often when people talk about Australian wines, it’s the classic bold varietals like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay that get centre stage. But people’s palates are forever changing and the taste for lighter styles is growing. This is an influence that’s slowly emerging into the mainstream through seeing more European wines featuring on wine lists and the progressive independent wine outlets focusing on emergent styles.

Looking to the European wine category for inspiration, Pernod Ricard saw the opportunity to bring a more buoyant, lively red to the Australian audience through the Jacob's Creek brand. They identified an opportunity, with an Australian twist on the ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ tradition; young early release wines, that are lively in style and delicious chilled, which makes for the perfect wine pairing to the Australian lifestyle.

Our brief was to build a wine brand that heroes this modern Australian twist on the Beaujolais Nouveau tradition. The ambition was two-fold: to create a brand and design that communicates the light, vibrant nature of these easy-drinking reds, whilst capturing the credibility and architecture consistency of the Jacob’s Creek portfolio.

Our solution in Lively Bunch welcomes the shift in Australian winemaking, pitching them as fresh, young wines made for youthful palates. Inspired by the invigorating nature of the wines, we created a name that’s alive with character and verve, providing a strong, creative platform for contemporary and joyful design. In addition, with its unpretentious idiom and full-of-life feeling, Lively Bunch was a natural springboard for tone of voice too. Creating an energetic ripple across touchpoints on and off-pack. 

A name alive with character and verve, providing a strong, creative platform for contemporary and joyful design

We commissioned Claire Ishino, an illustrator who calls the Adelaide wine region home, to create a bespoke illustration for the front label in her punchy, playful graphic style. Bursting beyond the frame, the generosity and clarity of her design invites us to enjoy an unexpected but perfect balance of freshness meeting flavour. 

Youthful with credibility, Lively Bunch marks an exciting fresh chapter in the Jacob’s Creek story.

“With the recent launch of Lively Bunch we are seeing great results! One third of Lively Bunch shoppers are new to the wine category driving genuine category growth through recruitment.”

Harriet Schild, Global Senior Brand Manager, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Video/creative: Flare BBDO Sydney — flarebbdo.com/sydney

Cinematography: Kit Baker — kit-baker.com