A ginger zing that teases with a tickle in the throat then sparks a fire in the belly. Launching a crackin’ alcoholic ginger beer from Australia’s favourite craft beer brand.

Alcoholic ginger beer has quickly become a go-to favourite in Australia. And you can see why it fits the bill. It promises easy, informal drinking, big flavour and it’s supremely refreshing on our long, summer days. 

Australia’s leading craft beer brand, James Squire, saw an opportunity to spice up their equity. They already had a headstart with a reputation for big, quenching flavour. 

Our brief was to create a refreshing alternative to beer, whilst retaining the recognisable roguish personality of the James Squire master brand. But key to this was ensuring it was differentiated from their craft beer range of ales, porters, and lager.

Australia’s No. 1 ginger beer
after only two years in market.

Our idea marries the characteristics of James Squire’s fiery red hair and beard with the crackling, flame-like shapes of the ginger root. The aluminium can design uses both sides to entertain. Stacked, it creates a larger-than-life profile for impact on the shelf, and when you hold the can in front of your face you have your very own ginger beard—just like James Squire. 

With blazing brand language, in combination with the striking colour palette and metallic show-through, the packaging brings a lively twist to ginger beer from a well-known beer brand.

The product has set the category alight. In just two years it has become Australia’s highest-selling ginger beer. The James Squire fans are quenched. 

“Category lines are blurring and there’s more opportunity than ever for brands to play in new spaces, allowing them to express themselves in fresh new ways.”
Zoe Green, Executive Creative Director