A taste of freedom, from
Australia’s No. 1 craft beer brand.

James Squire is a pioneer of Australian craft beer. Having built a vast following from brewing ales, stouts and porters, it now holds the mantle of Australia’s leading mainstream craft beer brand by volume. 

With our warm climate and informal drinking culture, a go-to Australian favourite has always been lager. A style that was previously positioned outside of craft, is now growing in popularity within the category with new high-quality styles on offer. James Squire already a national favourite, had a fresh opportunity to brew an easy-drinking lager to quench the thirst of fans.

James Squire fought his way to freedom. This risk-taking, charming rogue, broke a seven-year sentence to set up Australia’s first brewery.

Broken Shackles is a premium Australian lager crafted to strike the perfect balance between refreshment and flavour. With the brand’s famous raconteur flair, Broken Shackles is inspired by the tale of a misfit convict who, despite risks and repercussions, brewed his way to freedom. After breaking the shackles of a seven-year sentence in a bid to stop corruption, the colony rewarded him with hops and brewing equipment to set up Australia’s first brewery.

Launching a James Squire lager required a different tack for packaging design from the rest of the range. We needed to speak to the broader lager and craft drinking consumer base as well as the daytime drinking occasion. Collaborating with the brand team on product positioning and naming, we made sure this lager stood refreshingly apart from the core range’s fuller flavour, hop-forward styles. 

With a larger-than-life tale to add to the James Squire family, Broken Shackles is a risk that’s paid off—a welcome misfit, brewed for brighter days.