A super luxury wine brand created by NBA royalty and female entrepreneur powerhouses

The highly acclaimed Domaine Curry was co-founded by Ayesha Curry & Sydel Curry-Lee, NBA royalty and female entrepreneur powerhouses. Its recent acquisition by The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWC) signals a new era of growth and an opportunity to transform into a lifestyle brand that defines and leads the luxury wine category for Black and multicultural women.

Our brief was to refresh the Domaine Curry brand and packaging, pushing it into a more meaningful space for its audience of high earning women. For them, luxury moves beyond materialistic grabs to more meaningful symbols of status & freedom. We recognised that Domaine Curry had the power to empower, and this was our strategic springboard.

Our creative concept, The Elegance of Empowerment, celebrates a uniquely female expression of power with a visual language of sophistication, sisterhood, and self-determination. Luxury turns up in a typographic brand identity that pairs a strong serif with an elegant script. 

Storytelling turns up in a monogram on pack—a nod to legacy and an ethos derived from the Femme 31 proverb, which honours the strength, virtue, loyalty and independence of women:

“I enjoyed Co-P's creative process to build a brand that breaks down the barriers in luxury wine for the Black & multicultural female community.”
Bukky Ekundayo, General Manager, The Prisoner Wine Company