The Prisoner Wine Company enters the growing low alcohol wine category with a fresh perspective.

Low alcohol drinks are on the rise, driven by a growing consumer desire to balance a healthier, more mindful lifestyle with moments of pleasure and indulgence.

Up until now, low alcohol wine has failed to keep up with this consumer shift. The category is dominated by entry level wines that tick the better-for-you box with ‘diet’ design cues and calorie call outs, but failed to drive desire.

The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWC) saw an opportunity to elevate perceptions of what low alcohol wine can be. With the launch of Divulge, a luxury wine at only 8% ABV, TPWC offers consumers a chance to indulge in a full flavour, premium wine experience without compromise.

TPWC is no stranger to the unconventional, and the packaging design of Divulge delivers to this brand promise with an unexpected reveal. At first glance you see a lie detector test, its needle sketching out an erratic line across the label in silver ink, but look from a different perspective and the name of the wine is divulged.

Elevating the quality perceptions of what a low alcohol wine can be.

“The attention and interaction that this packaging receives from consumers is exciting to see for the brand – and the super premium execution reinforces the standard of quality TPWC fans have come to expect.”
Max Harkness, Creative Director