100 million Americans have a family member who has been, or is, incarcerated by the American prison system. 

The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWC) was founded on the philosophy that fearless thinking leads to bold ideas. The brand forsakes the rules for the purpose of progress. This commitment to progress goes beyond wine. TPWC is committed to driving positive change in society because fighting injustice, especially within the prison systems, is indelibly etched into the brand’s identity.

The provocative label on the flagship wine, which features Francisco Goya’s ‘Le petit prisonnier’ etching, is more than a striking image—it’s a brand beacon. Goya’s artwork, a powerful act of protest against social injustice, inspires the brand today.

With the launch of Corrections, a limited-edition wine collection, sold exclusively online in a collectable 3-pack, TPWC seeks to change the narrative around mass incarceration. By shining a light on this dark subject, the brand is starting a conversation that inspires hope rather than negativity and leads to reform.

Our creative approach began with a name; the dual meaning of Corrections is intentional. Synonymous with U.S. prisons, the name calls for an unflinching look at a system plagued by discrimination but also offers a glimmer of hope. Although the obstacles facing reform are systemic, TPWC believes in progress and the necessity of righting wrongs.

To shine a light on this dark subject, we purposefully designed the unboxing experience to move from dark to light. The black gift box is constructed from luxury stock with a high build wordmark that highlights the intention to right wrongs. Inside, disturbing statistics printed in silver type set the tone.

Inspired by official prison collateral we cinched tissue paper around each bottle with plastic zip ties and included a manila envelope enclosing information to ‘expose the truth’ about the criminal justice system. When consumers uncover the wine bottles from this solemn secondary packaging they discover an unexpected contrast—vibrant, hopeful art blazes from the wine labels, resetting expectations and inviting engagement with a daunting topic.

For this limited-edition release we leveraged the power of art to make a statement. Each wine label features a unique, collectible work of art by artist of color Chris Burnett. Featured in publications like the NY Times and The Guardian, he brings his experience in addressing social issues through art to bear. With colour, energy, and movement his graphic style illuminates a bleak subject in three collages; Finding Flowers, New Hope, and The Other Side. This artwork invites us to look past prejudices and reckon with the humanity of incarcerated people. The rips and tears capture a righteous anger and passion for change, while motifs like flowers and forward gazes act as metaphors for growth, progress, and freedom.

We extended the art concept to the back label, which is designed like an art exhibition label featuring the names of the artist and artwork, the meaning behind the work, a red sold sticker, and finally the artist’s signature for a touch of artistic authenticity.

In the face of deeply ingrained social injustice, our concept leverages positivity and uplift rather than doom and despair. More than just a wine collection, Corrections is a powerful statement of hope.

With over 6.5 million impressions gained across social and news media, including features in Forbes and Thrillist, Corrections has successfully created a conversation for change.