Bundaberg’s latest limited edition rum captures the nostalgia of winter nights spent by the campfire, under the Milky Way night sky.

Aussie icons Bundaberg are known for their rich, bold flavours. Their latest release, Campfire rum doesn’t disappoint. A decadent blend of burnt butterscotch and macadamia flavours, it’s the perfect drink for cold winter nights.

Inspired by the magic of moments spent around the campfire, this limited-release rum is a sweet taste of nostalgia. Australians love their camping and none more so than the Bundaberg fan base. Tapping into the ritual of socialising around the fire, a place where stories unfold, and memories are made. Bundaberg’s Campfire Rum is a winter legend in the making.

Our goal was to create a design so delicious our audience could taste what they saw. Heroing the butterscotch and macadamia flavours, the design brings the warm, indulgent nature of the spirit to life, and captures the cozy atmosphere of nights around the campfire with friends. Released in both a 750mL bottle and a convenient pre-mix with Cola, it is perfect for outdoor moments.

"We asked for a lickable pack for these delicious flavoured rums. That’s what Co-P delivered and Bundy fans agree - This has proven to be one of our most popular limited releases yet."

Ma­­­rk McLeod, Innovation Manager Diageo