Tapping into the effortless nature of Byron Bay

The Brook family have a long history with both macadamia and drinks. They’ve been farming macadamia in the Byron hinterland since the 1980s and, in 2016, they launched Brookie’s Gin, a spirit brimming with native Australian botanicals. Products of their environment, Brookie’s spirits live true to their brand positioning ‘It’s in our Nature’.

Bringing together their natural macadamia resources and drinks expertise, Mac by Brookie’s is the family’s step into the nut liqueur category. A versatile little nutter made from roasted macadamia nuts and toasted native Australian wattleseed, it boasts decadent flavours of butterscotch, cacao and coffee. Mac is a smooth Byron Bay local that reveals another side to Brookie’s nature.

Our brief was to ensure Mac stood out from the crowd in a category dominated by traditional competitors like Frangelico and Disaronno. The ambition was to do for nut liqueurs what Mr Black did for coffee liqueur—revitalise the category with fresh relevance and appeal to a contemporary audience.

Our solution personifies Mac as the laidback local of Byron Bay, tapping into the carefree personality of the place. Our design is inspired by the shaka—a universal hand gesture used in Byron to tell the world, without words, that everything’s good. The hero illustration of a shaka hand holding a macadamia branch links the brand ethos to the liquid.

And if Mac’s relaxed, good-natured personality isn’t already inviting you in, the rainforest illustration on the capsule is inspired by the ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’ Hawaiian shirt. A playful nod to this local’s beachy home.

The tone of voice used on the label’s messaging reinforces the brand’s down-to-earth personality. We wanted to make sure that Mac walked and talked like a local with carefree language like “Mix up a little somethin’ somethin’” and “A smooth local from Byron Bay”. Beyond conveying personality, the messaging also educates consumers on how best to enjoy the drink. Our icons of suggested glassware paired with cocktail recipes add a sweet flourish in Mac’s now distinctive style.

“Mac never fails to make people smile, from the first time they see the bottle to their delight in tasting the liqueur. Mac’s an all-round entertainer.”
Eddie Brook, Co-founder & Distiller, Cape Byron Distillery