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Stoneleigh hails from Marlborough, New Zealand’s most famous wine region, with an enviable international reputation for producing some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world.


The Wild Valley wine range was part of a larger project to redesign Stoneleigh’s portfolio of wines to better reflect their brand positioning; ‘A Wonder of Nature’.

With each range we were tasked to embrace the unique story of each wine style, capture the meaning behind its name and transforming the look and feel for a more adventurous wine consumer.


Stoneleigh Wild Valley is the most natural expression of minimal-intervention wine, that uses the wild yeast that naturally occurs on the grapes for fermentation.

The design solution presents a botanical illustration style of the native flora and fauna of New Zealand, framing the Wild Valley name itself which hides amongst the foliage. The design was printed on a fibrous paper stock with touches of gold foil to achieve a natural yet premium look and feel. To emphasise the Wild Valley typography we used a screen white high build and emboss to elevate the letters and create a textural finish in the hand. By evolving the Stoneleigh Masterbrand wordmark, the brand kept existing consumer recognition, by introducing ‘Of Marlborough’ to the lockup we ensured the Stoneleigh name and provenance were always together when taken off pack.