We are a branding and packaging design agency, dedicated to creating brands worth remembering. Just ask Cuvée Sauvage, Mortlach, Apex, Stoneleigh, Mac and many others.

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The 6Ft6 brand had existed unchanged, for around ten years. Over time, its price had become heavily discounted and it’s image had lost credibility. The ambition was to better reflect it’s desired positioning; a quality, cool climate wine at an affordable price whilst addressing its recessive standout to create a brand with mass approachability. The clients aim; to become “The people’s Pinot.”


We worked with Austin’s Wines to change the way Six Foot Six speaks; creating a conversation on and off pack with positive quotes about height. The brief presented a clear opportunity to be bold and daring. By changing the voice of the brand and abbreviating the name, the wine was able to spark a conversation with the consumer, using positive sayings relevant to height and wine.


The idea was amplified by printing a different quote on each label, achieving 12 unique labels per box of single wine variety.

With writing taking centre stage, each wine individually talks to its consumer, creating a memorable connection between brand and occasion. By changing the typical wine language, the brand challenges the category, using wit and relevance to put a smile in the mind.