We are a branding and packaging design agency, dedicated to creating brands worth remembering. Just ask Lobby Boy, Cuvée Sauvage, Apex, Mac, Vandenberg and many others.

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Our process is built to discover and deliver the idea that makes your brand memorable.


We believe in a way of working that unites disciplines from the start. The minds working on your design concepts will be the same ones overseeing your brand activation.

Our core services include;

  1. Where do we start?

    Behind every great project is a great brief. The art of the brief is not only in the questions you ask but in the ability to show the client you can listen and find out exactly what they need.

    We involve team members from across the company from the very beginning to ensure a seamless transition from stage to stage.

  2. Where am I now, and where do we need to get to?

    There is an enormous amount of work that goes into building the stage set for our creative process. We study consumer and market trends, analyse the competition, test technical boundaries and set up bespoke visits that help establish what it is exactly that makes your brand unique.

    The key is to determine boundaries that are tight enough to define the design space for future research groups, but loose enough to not stifle creative exploration in the next stage. We’ll create a proposition and a narrative that you can believe in: it will define the cornerstones of your brand and how they come to life in visual territories.

  3. But what does it look like?

    The design stage is where your brand bursts to life and you can finally see what all of that upfront work amounts to. Based on approved propositions, story and visual territories we will explore and develop design concepts.

    These will take into consideration everything we’ve learnt so far and push the brand into exciting and inspiring directions.

  4. What does it feel like?

    We are renowned for our expertise in print and production and this is the stage where our carefully nurtured relationships and integration of production into every stage of our process, really pays off.

    Here we work towards your design being realised in the most elegant, innovative, category-challenging and (ideally) environmentally-friendly way possible.

    We will work with you to define the rules that make up your new brand and the brand world it lives in, ensuring that it remains post-launch as single-minded, crafted and relevant as it will be when it hits shelves.

  5. Where to now?

    Although flying cars still elude us, the world is changing faster than we could have ever anticipated, and the world of brands is moving faster still. We can’t afford to be idle. Now that we have a brand that the world believes in, it is essential to stay relevant to consumers. We can work with you to future-proof your brand and make sure that you stay one step ahead of the consumer, and the competition.