Redefining Australian craft beer

Modus Operandi launched onto the Australian craft beer scene in winning style. With incredible beer and a burgeoning cult following, the brand needed to better reflect their values and equip themselves with a strong identity for the growth ahead.

Our approach was to shake up the craft beer category and move away from the saturated language of the scene, meaning no hops, wheat or ‘hipster’ graphics. This began by establishing their core belief ‘Beer first. No shortcuts’ which inspired the continuous line of the M.O. brand, a mark that goes the long way round from start to finish.

Despite aluminum cans keeping beer fresher for longer, in addition to being environmentally friendly and more cost effective, the craft beer scene in Australia was yet to embrace cans, with the traditional glass bottle being seen as more authentic. We saw this as an opportunity to challenge the category and stand out from the crowd. Designing a clean and modern common can with individual paper labels, randomly applied for each beer type. This ensured the cans make it into market quickly and cost effectively, allowing the team to easily print a run of beer labels.

To keep in line with their public brewery environment on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, raw materials were used across all touch points; stainless steel, timber, uncoated kraft stocks, screen printing and heat branded wood. This approach was also practical, by having common tap badges and retail cans, we gave Modus the flexibility to change their limited edition beer styles. When a bar receives a new beer, rather than manufacturing another tap badge, a new sticker applies over an existing base, allowing the brand to keep up with the pace of products, whilst managing production costs for the brewery.