Est. 26 million years ago

Co Partnership was briefed to brand the Limestone Coast destination of South Australia, so that it speaks to an international audience and to raise its profile. The primary communication needed to speak to the wine consumer and wine industry, but also celebrate its fascinating history, natural beauty and thriving community of artisan producers; more than just one reason to visit.

Outside of Australia, most wine consumers are familiar with the Barossa Valley region, but not much else. Australian wine brands also have a tendency to use their established date as their brand positioning - because we are older we must be better. It’s language the wine consumer simply recognises, but is certainly not unique when you are comparing 1875 with 1879 with 1912.

We turned this on it’s head, discovering the gift that hides in the word Limestone; EST. Owning the oldest established date in Australia EST. 26 Million Years ago when the Limestone Coast was covered by an inland sea, which over a series of ice ages receded to leave the fertile soils of today.

The EST. becomes our hero to speak with our consumer on an intellectual and emotive level. The possibilities are endless for The Limestone Coast to stay fresh and relevant.